Images, Tropes, and Narratives: SHARING CONTROL

In general terms the course explores the figurality of texts and images, the play of tropes, and aspects of narration. These are explored, theoretically and practically, as they appear and become a part of an artwork in a particular space and site and a particular cultural setting.

 In 2018 the ITN course is organized under the subtitle Sharing Control which implies the attempt to involve different agencies into a collaborative process between control and sharing. These agencies can include e.g. participants, users, machines, programs, natural phenomena and living entities. The course will include preparatory sessions and workshops in Finland, where the participants will be introduced to and will explore various generative systems, reference texts, artworks and films (including science fiction and experimental works ranging from Maurice Renard to David Lynch). The course will culminate in the production of a collaborative piece (with “An Ecology of Its Own”) at the Castle of Wolkersdorf, as part of the program of FLUSS – society for the promotion of photo and media art, Lower Austria.

Teachers: Harri Laakso and Martin Breindl
Images: Sheung Yiu