URB 17 – Ateria / The Meal

The Meal is an art work situated around a community meal. A three day event comprises of cooking and eating together, performances, collective writing workshop and conversations. We invite you to join in our temporary kitchen and to share a meal.

Besides food, The Meal is a chance for coming together, sharing thoughts and building a community. You can participate in The Meal in different ways: join the cooking, for example by peeling potatoes in the Potato Theatre or bring 1 food ingredient to share. It could be anything (preferably vegan) – a vegetable, some beans or lentils, even some salt. Your ingredient will cook with our ingredients and this way form the Stone Soup of Conversations. Or just come and eat with us later on the day.

We are building temporary kitchen spaces to Kiasma in three locations both indoors and outdoors: at the Kiasma lawn, Lobby and Theatre foyer. The Meal is free of charge and open for all. (There will be a limited amount of food served per day.)

As part of the Meal we offer a Collective Writing Workshop where participants explore the themes of food and community through writing. The workshop has 20 places for participants, papers and pens are provided. No previous experience, signing up or laptops needed.


Tue 8.8.
12pm – 2pm Potato Theatre
1.30pm Preparing of the Stone Soup of Conversations (welcome to bring your ingredient)
3pm-4.30pm The food is served

Wed 9.8.
2pm – 4pm Potato Theatre
3.30pm Preparing of the Stone Soup of Conversations (welcome to bring your ingredient)
4.15pm – 5pm Collective Writing Workshop
5pm – 7.30pm The food is served & Road Ensemble, live music performance and discussions

Thu 10.8.
3pm – 5pm Potato Theatre
4.30pm Preparing of the Stone Soup of Conversations (welcome to bring your ingredient)
5.15pm – 6pm Collective Writing Workshop
6pm – 8 pm The food is served


Aman Askarizad, Siina Levonoja, Lauri Linna, Ali Akbar Mehta, Hanna Perälä, Vidha Saumya, Anna-Sofia Sysser, Jernej Čuček Gerbec from ViCCA – Visual Culture and Contemporary Art MA program, Aalto University
Road Ensemble, Persian & Kurdish music group in Finland
Farshad Sanati (Santour, Vocal) – Fardin Abbasi (Percussion, Vocal)
Guest musician: Aman Askarizad (Tar, Setar)

Potatoes provided by H&H Tuominen Oy
Image: Matti Tanskanen
In collaboration with URB festival: www.urb.fi