Aalto Dialogue: Partizaning Maunula

Our students kick-off this year with the Aalto Dialogue course: a workshop and intervention in Maunula neighbourhood, realized in collaboration with Partizaning Organized and M-cult. The workshop focuses on public art practices which strategically challenge, shape, and reinvent urban and social realities.

The workshop will culminate in the following:

  • Opening of new art projects at the Patterimäki park and Maunula house on September 28, 2017!
  • Sound walk and video installation on the WWI trenches. Guided tours from Maunula house at 15:00 and 17:00.
  • Partizaning and VICCA will launch a special edition to the Maunulan Sanomat newspaper in an event of games, food and installation. http://eng.partizaning.org/

More information: Facebook event page