System & Error Workshop

Do failures need an excuse? What does an error look like? Are errors merely failed expressions of a system? What is the benefit of being part of a system? Which are the aesthetics of systems, networks and infrastructures? How much tolerance for the non-perfect do our societies have? Is a list of failures more revealing than a list of successes? What value does failure have, or is it rather a waste? Does error always imply rejection (and success assimilation)? And does anything right might come from pursuing wrong practices?

These are some of the questions posed at the System & Error workshop last week—a collaborative course between Aalto University and Eesti Kunstiakadeemia / Estonian Academy of Arts.

The workshop is led by Francisco Martínez (Aalto), and will culminate in an exhibition in Tallinn at EKKM end of February (more details will be posted soon).

Speakers: Derek Holzer, Francisco Martínez, Lily Diaz-kommonen, Tuuli Malla, Maija Annikki Savolainen, Liina Siib, Oliver Laas, Patrick Laviolette, Camille Laurelli.

Photo from Derek Holzer’s archive: taken by Pierre Gondard