Micro-Macro Transgressions and Transformations
Food & Visuality: A Five Course Seminar
Exhibition at EKKM: System and Error
Exhibition: Whose History Is It Anyway?*
DS #42: Barbara Steiner – On Structures
Seminar: Let’s Talk About Form! 
DS #41: Susann Schuppli – From Screen Burns to Oil Spills
A Conversation with Dzamil Kamanger & Kalle Hamm
A Conversation with Issa Touma
Exhibition: Sonic Sculpture
The 3rd Pori Video Showcase
A Conversation with Salima Hashmi
A Conversation with Jinoos Taghizadeh – Open Wiring
DS #40: Ayse Güleç: (Artistic) Practice Research
DS #39: Osei Bonsu – The Economy of Living Things
Exhibition: Under the Ground of Our Times
Study Trip: Encounters in a Third Space
OUT2: Research Pavilion in Venice
URB 17 – Ateria / The Meal
Exhibition: Space Invaders I – Tolerance