Exhibition: Hem Newe Media

Niko Nurmi in Tampere exhibiting “Hem Newe Media”

Where: Galleria Rajatila, Hämeenpuisto 10, Tampere, Finland
When: September 22 – October 6 2017

More Niko here: www.instagram.com/nikotiinurmisipilainen
Event information: Facebook event page

Moste artistae writen applicaciouns, listen achevementes, putten on showes, taken pyctures and videoes of thyne peces. Thes aren extra-artistic activités to thes artistae hwo doth ne enclude nat hem in thyne werkes: the werke thats putten into getting a grante maketh possible the reale artistic werke; the galerie is an emty space wher oan displayeth thyne art werkes; the recordour scilente captureth the actuel performaunce.

Thes media hwo aren moste wydly schered by artistes today may be the media of a newe kynde of art hwo betre speaketh to us in thes tymes. Hwu a schift from one medium to the other rocketh oans entere experience can onlych be felt as they are happening. Enventions splitteth tyme in twa: to the tyme before and the tyme after. Whan the schift to a newe medium hath happened, the newe medium informeth everything elles to.

The mesopotamians sawn sum fower millennia ago hwu the lawe, inscribede in stan, chaungede their lyfs, Gutenberg 600 yeers ago observede hwu mechanical reproduction changede literatuer and a litel latere Agricola saw what was left oute from the Finnish languages when he hem transcribeth in Latin scripte. What the written Finnish language was to Agricola, the internet and artificial intelligence aren to us. I remembrst the tyme before the internet but can ne imaginst nat a future withouten hem. We are stille living the tyme before artificial intelligence but hir waiting hath alredi changede everything.

Laet us listen more carefully to hem – the nomes we usen to introducen oureselves, oure moste frequently usede emoji, the buzzwordes in oure applicaciouns – hwo know moste nat onely aboute hemselves but alswa aboute us, as its with hem that we schape oure identities and thus oureselves.