Mainostauko (AdBreak)
Histories in the Present
Book: Intervention in Urban Space
Curating, Home-making, and Art Making
Pornography, Art and/or Food
Object Food
Culture in a Nutshell. Food for Thought.
A Tale of Two Marthas
Counter-Ritual: Desacralising Monuments, Redefining Meaning*
On Learning from the Middle East
Historical Roots: Alternative Souvenirs
CuMMA paper #27: The Curator as Arsonist
Who Makes the Present, Who Inhabits the Room?
On Reposaari: Prototype & Destiny
Situated Knowledges Meet Consumerism
Complexity and Megastructures
My Relation to Water
Authorship & Agency
CuMMA Paper #26: Is an Art Museum Capable of Teaching Critical Thinking?
Lullaby for the Culture Industry