CuMMA paper #27: The Curator as Arsonist

Happy to announce that “The Curator as Arsonist” — an interview with a London-based curator and writer Vali Mahlouji is published!

In the conversation with CuMMA students Mahlouji discusses his research, curatorial and educational platform Archaeology of the Final Decade (AOFTD), the questions it raises and the methodology it employs. In particular, Mahlouji speaks about the aspects of his curatorial practice that involve themselves with issues pertaining to power, radical democracy, conflict, activism, and art and cultural projects that evince social and political commitment.

Click here to read the interview and here if you’re curious to have a look at other CuMMA papers.

Image: Shahr-e Qesseh (City of Tales), Bijan Mofid (playwright & director); from: Soheil Souzani, Mehdi Ali Beigi, Jamileh Nedai, Mahmood Ostad Mohamad, Rashid Kanaani, commissioned by the Festival, University Hall, 1968, courtesy Bijan Mofid Foundation; Courtesy Archaeology of the Final Decade.

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